Google Workspace

Technology Overview

Google Workspace includes a suite of file creation and digital collaboration tools. Sharing settings allow for multiple people to edit and/or view files. These tools can be used individually or collaboratively, and synchronously or asynchronously.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Use Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms for creating individual or group project files. Use Jamboards for concept mapping, brainstorming, solving graphical problems, or other visuals.
  • Co-create files with real-time collaborative writing and editing. Changes are tracked by each author in revision history.
  • Run wording similarity check, citations check, and grammar check on draft documents while writing using the Turnitin Draft Coach add-in for Google Docs.
  • Facilitate peer review using commenting features.
  • Create template files for students to fill in or copy and edit.
  • Use Google Drive to organize your files. Set up a collaborative workspace where specified users can see and edit all files you give them access to.

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. Faculty and staff accounts must opt into using Google services before access. Students automatically get access to Google services. Once activated for Google services, most Google apps can be accessed via Google Drive or from the app switcher once you log into Google Drive. Review Opt In and Log In for details.

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Google Workspace documentation
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