Technology Overview

Qualtrics is a robust online survey and research platform. It can be used for collecting, sharing, and analyzing data for academic research, experiments, assessments, research projects, polling, evaluations, and market research. Qualtrics can be used instead of the myCourses Survey tool or Google Forms.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Mid-semester feedback collection. This enables you to change your teaching or course design to help the current students instead of waiting until the next run of the course.
  • Student preferences data collection.
  • Self-assessments with feedback to help student understand more about themselves.
  • Polls that show real time results of full class to students.

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. Access RIT’s Qualtrics account page and log in with your RIT account.

Learn More & Get Help

Qualtrics documentation
Request a consultation

For issues with Qualtrics login and accounts, contact the RIT Service Center
For questions about using Qualtrics in a classroom context, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning
For questions from students and staff, contact the RIT Service Center