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About John Wiley Jones

The John Wiley Jones Award for Outstanding Students in Science 2008

Natalie is originally from Gasport, New York, located on the Erie Canal near Buffalo. She is a fifth year student in Applied Mathematics. Natalie chose to attend RIT because she liked the open house and that the faculty and staff met at that time remembered her name. She decided to major in mathematics because of the strong influence by her high school teachers. Her favorite classes at RIT have been Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Computational Biology, and Numerical Analysis. While attending RIT, Natalie has had two cooperative extensions. The first was two summers ago at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico implementing algorithms to solve a system of partial differential equations regarding compressible hydrostatic fluid flow. The second was over the previous summer at the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, Virginia. This was significantly different than the first. She analyzed retention rates and recruitment of current personnel inventories in Special Operations Forces and predicted future inventories. Natalie has been hired to work for the IDA after graduation.

Natalie BraggNatalie Bragg

School of Mathematical Sciences

Jessica is a fourth year Physics major and was born and raised in Rochester, New York. As a Physics major, Jessica has attained a 3.87 cumulative GPA while also assisting in workshops and grading for University Physics I, II and III courses. She is a member of the RIT Honors Program and a Nathaniel Rochester Society Scholar. Jessica has received numerous awards and honors based on her academic achievements. She has been awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award and was a nominee for the College of Science 2008 Student Delegate. In the summer of 2005 Jessica participated in an undergraduate research internship and was awarded the Best Poster Award at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Jessica has just finished working on a Capstone project in the RIT NanoPower Research Lab involving fluorescence spectroscopy of single-walled nanotubes. When not studying, working or involved in research, Jessica enjoys field hockey and hiking. After completing her degree at RIT, Jessica plans on going to Oregon to get her PhD in Physics.


Jessica GallagherJessica R. Gallagher

Department of Physics

Brandy entered our Program as an Honors Student and has been very active in the RIT Honor’s Council. She was heavily involved in development of the honors curriculum and served in several student leadership roles with this group and also served as its president. Brandy has been heavily involved in undergraduate research. In her first year at RIT she started working with Dr. George Thurston of Physics carrying out biophysical characterization of eye lens protein related to cataract research. During the following summers she had two NSF sponsored research experiences. The first was with Dr. Doug Smith at the University of California at San Diego carrying out single molecule bacteriophage genome packaging, and the second was with Dr. Jon Kull of Dartmouth carrying out purification and crystallization of the myosin J motor domain. Currently, Brandy is in her last undergraduate research experience as a co-op at the University of Illinois doing single molecule protein analysis with Dr. Marvin Gruebele. In addition to winning the John Wiley Jones Award, Brandy is the recipient of a RIT Presidential Scholarship and is an RIT Outstanding Scholar. She is also the recipient of the American Chemical Society Outstanding Undergraduate Award. At the end of her freshman year she was given the prize for the best oral presentation at our Undergraduate Research Symposium. In addition, she was awarded the very prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Brandy will attend Harvard University to study Biophysics where she has been awarded the highly selective James Mills Pierce Graduate Fellowship.

Brandy Pappas

Brandy Pappas

Department of Chemistry

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