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Software in support of this research program is posted here. Most of this will be executable MatlabTM, which requires Matlab's compiler runtime. The specific version required is R2014b (version 8.4)..

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X-rite ColorChecker Digital SG (CCSG) evaluation

The CCSG is often used to build and evaluate camera color profiles. This software evaluates the colorimetric accuracy of the CCSG contained in an image. The zip file contains instructions, example data, example results, executable Matlab, and Matlab source code. Note that CIEDE2000 is calculated the usual way and also setting SL = 1, recommended by several imaging professionals and R.S. Berns.

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Bit depth evaluation and assignment

Sometimes following a conversion of a raw format to unassigned tif, the image appears very dark, a result of the sensor having a lower bit depth than 16 bit. This program evaluates and reassigns bit depth.

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