Distinguished Speaker Series Archives


10/30 Ronald Mallett Science of Time Travel: Possibility and Promise
4/17 Nadrian Seeman DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life: Structural DNA Nanotechnology 
4/21 John Wiley Jones Distinguished Lecture
  Timothy M. Swager Polymer Electronics for Ultra-Sensitive Chemical Sensors
3/13 Ines Cifuentes Teaching Science in the 21st Century 


11/8 Darcy Kelley What makes Xenopus tick? Underwater songs of African clawed frogs 
4/30 John Wiley Jones Distinguished Lecture
  Mark Newman The Internet, Epidemics & Kevin Bacon: The Science of Networks 
3/15 Mark Bowen Thin Ice: Climate Change from the Mountain to the Sea
2/9 Katie Hunt President of the American Chemical Society 
2/1 Carl Hane Forecasting the Weather – from Thunderstorms to Climate: Observations and Computer Models 


11/9 Luc Bernard & Richard Palais Artistic Representation of Mathematical Concepts & Ideas: A New Field in Search of a Name 
5/11 Maureen Raymo The Causes of Ice Ages in Earth's History 
4/10 John Wiley Jones Distinguished Lecture
  Norm Neureiter Science and Technology in U.S. Foreign Policy 
3/23 Austen Angel The Weirdness of Liquid Water below 0ºC. What is going on?
2/9 Hazel Barton From Cave Dwellers to Astrobiology: How Life Underground Can Point to Life in the Stars  


11/3 Charles Lin A new scanning laser system for treating retinal disorders 
9/15 Fred K.Y. Lo The Invisible Universe 
5/3 Carol Christian Public Impact of Scientific Images 
5/3 Gabrielle Long The Art and Science of X-Ray Imaging 
2/10 Katy Payne Eavesdropping on Forest Elephants
1/10 Sylvester James Gates Einstein's Quest


12/08 John Wiley Jones Distinguished Lecture
   Mario Livio  The Golden Ratio
10/13 Melissa McGrath Solar System Exploration, NASA, and the American Astronomical Society
4/27 Spencer Wells The Journey of Man


10/16 David Malin Heaven and Earth
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