Faculty Research Interests

First Last School / Program
Research Interests

Anurag Agarwal Mathematics Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Cryptography, Discrete Mathematics

John Anderson Physics Theoretical Solid State Physics, Quantum Dots, Polymer Solar Cells

Gregory Babbitt Biology Evolutionary Genomics, Chromatin Biology, Epigenetics, Gene Regulation

Peter Bajorski Applied Stats Image Processing Algorithms, Applications of Statistics in Imaging

David Barth-Hart Mathematics Number Theory, Abstract Algebra

William Basener Mathematics Image Processing Algorithms, Applied Topology, Dynamical Systems, Population Dynamics

Mishkat Bhattacharya Physics Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics

Roy Berns Color Science Color and Imaging Science, Art Conservation Science

Bernard Brooks Mathematics Mathematical Modeling, Dynamical Systems, Financial Mathematics

Larry Buckley Biology Evolutionary Biology, Biogeography

Nathan Cahill Mathematics Scientific Computing, Medical Imaging Analysis, Computer Vision

Manuela Campanelli Mathematics Computational Relativity and Gravitation

Sukanya Chakrabarti Physics Galaxy Evolution, Radiative Transfer
Linlin Chen Mathematics Statistics, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Numerical Analysis

Elizabeth Cherry Mathematics Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology, Nonlinear Dynamics, Numerical Methods

Patricia Clark Mathematics Mathematical Biology, Modeling Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Jeremy Cody Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Synthesis, Heterocyclic Chemistry

Michael Coleman Chemistry Synthetic Organic Methodologies, Transition Metal Mediated Functionalizations

Chris Collison Chemistry Conjugated Organic Dyes, Fluorophores, Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaics, Organic Photovoltaics, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Charge Photogeneration, Aggregation, Photophysical Chemistry

Christina Collison Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Synthesis, 

Jennifer Connelly Physics Galaxy Evolution, Groups of Galaxies, Multiwavelength Astronomy
Sandi Connelly Biology Molecular Ecology, UV Radiation and Pharmaceuticals in Freshwater Systems, Applied Learning in the Classroom

Paul Craig Chemistry Molecular Visualization, Computational Biology

Joe DeLorenzo Mathematics Signal and Image Analysis, Systems Modeling of Biological Processes

Elizabeth Wolnyiak DiCesare Biology Freshwater Ecology, Public Health and the Environment (Waterborne Diseases), Water Quality and Quantity Issues
Jean Douthwright Biology DNA Repair and Recombination

Roger Dube Imaging Spaceweather, Computer Security, Mars, Optical Catalysis, Native American Science

Alan Entenberg Physics Experimental High Energy Particle Physics, Laser Induced Nuclear Fusion

Irene Evans Biology Cell and Molecular Biology, Microarrays and Transcriptional Profiling

Josh Faber Mathematics Computational Astrophysics, Numerical Relativity, Hydrodynamics, Elliptic Equations

Mark Fairchild Color Science Color Science, Visual Perception, Observer Variability


Raluca Falea Mathematics Inverse Problems, Microlocal Analysis of Fourier Integral Operators

Susan Farnand Color Science Visual Perception, Color Science, Fine Art Reproduction, Image Quality Characterization, STEM Education
David Farnsworth Mathematics Mathematical Statistics, Benford's Law, Minkowski Geometry

James Ferwerda Imaging Visual Perception, Computer Graphics, Material Appearance, Displays

Don Figer Imaging Detectors, Massive Stars, Sassive Star Clusters, Galactic Center

Scott Franklin Physics Soft Condensed Matter, Granular Materials, Physics Education Research

Marvin Gruber Mathematics Ridge Regression, Empirical Bayes Estimators, Information Geometry

Jinwei Gu Imaging Computational Imaging, Material Appearance, Computer VIsion, Pattern Recognition

Rich Hailstone Imaging Electron Microscopy, Nanoparticle Synthesis

John Hamilton Mathematics Math Modeling, Algorithm Development for Digital Imaging

Elizabeth Hane Biology Forest Ecology, Disturbance Ecology, Plant Community Ecology, Invasive Species, Science Pedagogy

Tony Harkin Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computation, Fluid Mechanics

Maria Helguera Imaging Ultrasound Characterization of Materials, Biomedical Imaging

Ian Hodge Physics Glass Transition; Enthalpy Relaxation; Solid Electrolytes

Dawn Hollenbeck Physics Computational Electromagnetism, Nonlinear Optics, Modeling Protein Interactions

Joe Hornak Chemistry Magnetic Resonance, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

Dehui Hu Physics Physics Education
Andre Hudson Biology Amino Acid Metabolism, Biochemistry, Enzymology

 Hudson Lab
Emmett Ientilucci Imaging Remote Sensing, Hyperspectral Image Processing, Radiometry

Baasansuren Jadamba Mathematics Partial Differential Equations, Phase Field Models, Inverse Problems, Numerical Optimization

Jobby Jacob Mathematics Graph Labeling Problems, Graph Products, Algorithms, Combinatorics

Ron Jodoin Physics Quantum Optics, Digital Image Processing

Joel Kastner Imaging Astrophysics of Star and Planet Formation, Astronomical Imaging and Spectroscopy, Astrophysics of Evolved Stars

John Kerekes Imaging Remote Sensing System Modeling and Analysis, Signal and Image Processing

Akhtar Khan Mathematics Inverse Problems, Biomathematics, Variational Inequalities, Set-Values Optimization

Chulmin Kim Mathematics Multivariate Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Sports Statistics, Psychological Statistics

Tom Kim Chemistry Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Signal Transduction

Brian Koberlein Physics Astrophysics, Black Holes, Cosmology, Science Popularization and Outreach

Karl Korfmacher Biology Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Modeling, Soils, Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing

Mike Kotlarchyk Physics Scattering Theory and Experiments, Structure and Dynamics in Complex Fluids

Seshavadhani Kumar Mathematics Stochastic Processes, Queueing Models, Algorithmic Probability

Poorna Kushalnagar Imaging Quality of Life Outcomes, Attention and Learning
Vern Lindberg Physics Educational Research and Development, Vacuum Deposition

Jeffrey Lodge Biology Microalgae, Wastewater Treatment, Biofuels Production, Bioremediation

Michael Long Imaging Agent-Based Modeling of Complex Interdisciplinary Problems
Carl Lutzer Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems

Kara Maki Mathematics Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing

James Marengo Mathematics Probability, Stochastic Processes, Undergraduate Mathematics Competitions

Aaron McGowan Physics Experimental High-Energy Physics,Neutrino Scattering, Neutrino Oscillation

Douglas Meadows Mathematics Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Number Theory, Orthogonal Polynomials

David Merritt Physics Dynamics and Evolution of Galaxies, Galactic Nuclei, Supermassive Black Holes

David Messinger Imaging Spectral Remote Sensing, Image Processing

Lea Michel Chemistry Biochemistry, Biophysics, Structural Biology, NMR spectroscopy

Massoud (Matt) Miri Chemistry Renewable and Sustainable Polymers, Polymerization Catalysts, Polymer Modeling Software

Faculty Page
Laura Munoz Mathematics Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology, Dynamical Systems, Control Systems, Mathematical Biology
Darren Narayan Mathematics Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Number Theory

Dina Newman Biology Human Genetics, Biology Education Research

Zoran Ninkov Imaging Instrument Development, Astrophysics, Detectors
Jake Noel-Storr Imaging Science & Astronomy Education, Active Galactic Nuclei, Supermassive Black Holes

Chris O'Dea Physics Active Galactic Nuclei, Clusters of Galaxies

Suzanne O'Handley Chemistry Protein Biochemistry, Enzymology, Microbial Biochemistry

Michael Osier Biology Databases for Metabolomics and Transcriptomics, Biological Ontologies, Genetic Algorithms

Jeff Pelz Imaging Visual perception, Analysis of Complex Task Performance, Eye Tracking

Michael Pierce Physics Hard Condensed Matter Physics, X-ray Scattering, Surfaces, Interfaces, Magnetism and Disorder

Harvey Pough Biology Organismal Biology of Animals, Captive Husbandry of Endangered Species

Roman Press Chemistry Clean Energy, Hydrogen, Alternative Fuels, Advanced Transportation

Mike Radin Mathematics Difference Equations, DIscrete Dynamical Systems, Graph Theory, Differential Equations

Vincente Reyes Biology Computational Biology, Structural Bioinformatics, Structural Biology

Harvey Rhody Imaging 3D Imaging Algorithms, Image Processing for Computer Vision

Michael Richmond Physics Optical Astronomy, Observational Techniques, Supernovae, Variable Stars

Andy Robinson Physics Astrophysics of Active Galactic Nuclei, Gaseous Nebulae, Scattering and Polarization

John-David Rocha Chemistry Optical Spectroscopic Characterization of Nanomaterials, Nanomaterials Metrology, Computational Chemistry
David Ross Mathematics Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computation, Partial Differential Equations

Carl Salvaggio Imaging Remote Sensing, Thermal Infrared Imaging, Three-Dimensional Geometry Extraction, Image Systems Modeling

Kalathur Santhanam Chemistry Electrochemistry, Sensors, Carbon Nanotubes, Energy & Fuel Cells, Electron Spin Resonance, Composites
Michael Savka Biology Microbial and Plant Biology, Bacterial Communication

Hans Schmitthenner Chemistry Medical Imaging Agents, Molecular Scaffolds

John Schott Imaging Remote Sensing of the Earth, Radiometry, Image Analysis

Hossein Shahmohamad Mathematics Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics

Joel Shore Physics Statistical Physics, Computational Physics, OLEDs, Global Climate Change

Likin Simon Romero Mathematics Topology, Continuum Theory, Hyperspaces, Graph Theory, Analysis

Susan Smith Biology Ecological Physiology, Nutritional Ecology, Avian Conservation

Grover Swartzlander Imaging Optical Physics

Hyla Sweet Biology Developmental Biology, Invertebrate Zoology

Gerald Takacs Chemistry Atmospheric Chemistry, Gas-Phase Chemistry, Photo-Dissociation, Surface Modification of Materials

Loraine Tan Chemistry Analytical Chemistry

Greg Trayling Physics Particle Physics, Clifford Algebras, Higher-Dimensional Spaces, Group Theory

Christy Tyler Biology Aquatic Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Invasive Species

Jan van Aardt Imaging Remote Sensing of Natural Resources, Imaging Spectroscopy, Lidar

Chris Wahle Mathematics Partial Differential Equations, Asymptotic Analysis, Perturbation Theory

John Waud Biology Ecology, Ornithology, Avian Conservation, Environmental Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry

Eric West Physics Cosmology, Particle Astrophysics, High-Energy Physics

John Whelan Mathematics Gravitational Waves, Statistical Inference, Astrophysical Relativity, Computational Relativity and Gravitation

Tamas Wiandt Mathematics Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling

Scott Williams Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry, Drug Quality Assurance Assays, Metal Oxide Films, Printing Methods

Kate Wright Biology Bioengineering,Biology Education Research

Elmer Young Mathematics Point Set Topology, Analysis

Yosef Zlochower Mathematics Numerical General Relativity, Analytical Relativity, Mathematical Relativity