Jeffrey Lodge

Associate Professor

Contact Information

OfficeCBT 3141
Phone(585) 475-2489

Mailing Address

153 Lomb Memorial Drive
Bldg 75-CBET
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY 14623

Undergraduate degree:  BAAS in Biological Sciences, University of Delaware
PhD: Microbiology,  University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson,MS
Postdoc:  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Utah State University
Postdoc:  Department of Biological Sciences, Boston University
Other interests:  Civil War (have visited many of the east coast battlefields as well as Vicksburg), hiking, biking, soccer

Job Responsibilities

Classes taught:
Environmental Microbiology
Microbiology of Wastewater
Bioenergy:  Microbial production of fuels
Food Microbiology

Research Interests

Use of microalgae to clean various types of wastewater including municipal, industrial, food processing and landfill leachate.
Use of microalgae to produce energy including biodiesel and biogas
Isolation and characterization of microorganisms isolated from lakes, rivers, and streams that can degrade various personal care products and pharmaceuticals including triclosan, ibuprofen, naproxen, gemfibrizol, and indometacin
Isolation and characterization of microorganisms isolated from soils and sediments in Western NY capable of degrading petroleum products including gasoline, refined oil, diesel and other types of hydrocarbons
Screening of various types of water and sediment sources in Western NY for coliforms and testing these coliforms for antibiotic resistance