KSV Santhanam


Contact Information

OfficeGOS A252
Phone(585) 475-2920

B.Sc(Hons) 1958, M.A. 1959, Ph.D. 1964, S.V. University (India)

Research Interests

  • Material Science
  • Electrochemistry
  • Carbon Nanotubes & Sensors
  • Conducting Polymers

Selected Publications

Publications in 2014


D. Olney, L. Fuller, K.S.V. Santhanam, A greenhouse gas silicon microchip sensor using a conductingcomposite with single walled carbon nanotubes:Addendum:  Sensors and Actuators B  203, 942 (2014)

C.M. Patil, K.S.V. Santhanam and S.G. Kandlikar,  Pool boiling enhancement-Part1 Development of electrodeposited coating morphology, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 79, December 2014, Pages 989-1001

S. Chandrasekar, K.S.V. Santhanam, Y.Yue, K. Kalaizagan and L.Fuller, Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Assisted Thermal Sensor,  Presented at MRS FallMeeting, Boston (2014);

MRS proceedings, Vol.1752 (2015) (accepted)


Y.  Yue, K.S.V. Santhanam, K. Reed and T. Allston, Redox behavior of Dicerium trioxide and the Formation of Sesquioxide- C for Fuel cells, Presented at MRS Fall Meeting, Boston (2014);

MRS proceedings, Vol.1735 (2015) (accepted)

In Books

K.S.V. Santhanam, “Performance Characteristics of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell”  in Clean Energy:Hydrogen/Fuel cell, p.36-47, RIT (2015)

K.S.V. Santhanam , “Performance Characteristics of a Dissolved Methanol Fuel Cell” in Clean Energy:Hydrogen/Fuel cell, p.62-69, RIT (2015)

K.S.V. Santhanam , “Borohydride Fuel Cell Performance Characteristics” in Clean Energy:Hydrogen/Fuel cell, p.72-83, RIT (2015)

K.S.V. Santhanam , “Solar Electrolyzer Fuelled Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell” in Clean Energy:Hydrogen/Fuel cell, p.84-95, RIT (2015)


R. Sangoi, L.Fuller, K.S.V. Santhanam, Nanocomposite material for sensing of halogenated methanes: a model based on charge transfer interaction for selectivity. 788(Continuous Nanophase and Nanostructured Materials), 191-196, (2004)

K. Deshmukh, K.S.V. Santhanam, Polymeric electrode for sodium bororhydride fuel cell. Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology--2004, presented at the International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology, 2nd, Rochester, NY, United States, June 14-16, 2004 (2004)

K.S.V. Santhanam, R. Sangoi, L. Fuller, A chemical sensor for chloromethanes using a nanocomposite of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with poly(3-methylthiophene). Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical (2005), B106(2), 766-771

K. Deshmukh and K.S.V. Santhanam, New borohydride fuel cell with multiwalled carbon nanotubes as anode: A step towards increasing the power output , Available online 9 February 2006, J. Power Sources, 159, 1084 (2006)

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N. Rawat, R.Gudyaka, M. Kumar and K.S.V. Santhanam, Oxidative Degradation of Atomized Iron Controlled By the Nanostructured Environment., Mat. Res. Symposium,. Vol. 988, 0988-QQ06-31, (2007 )

N. Rawat, R. Gudyaka, M. Kumar, B. Joshi and K.S.V. Santhanam.  “Thermogravimetric analysis of the interaction of ferromagnetic metal atom and multiwalled carbon nanotubes.”  J. Nanoscience and nanotechnology, 8, 2044 (2008)

Shwetha Chopra, Chengfe Ge, K Song and K S.V. Santhanam, New Polypropylene-boron Oxide Composite with a High Tensile Strength: A Possible Method for the Conversion of Microcomposite to Nanocomposite, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 1056 © 2008 Materials Research Society 1056-HH08-69

G. Lein, S.  Paquette, S. Vadhavkar, L.  Fuller, K.S.V.  Santhanam,   Baytron P-Si microsensor for methane and its derivatives.    Sensors and Actuators, B,    142(1),  147-151 (2009). 

Bharat Joshi, Sachin Gupta, Nitin Kalra, Russell Gudyka, and K. S. V. Santhanam,  A New Material with Atomized Cobalt-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes: A Possible Substitute for Human Implants,  J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 10, 3799-3804 (2010)

B. Joshi, S.  Gupta, N.  Kalra, R.  Gudyka,  and K.S.V.  Santhanam,  A new material with atomized cobalt-multiwalled carbon nanotubes: A possible substitute for human implants.    J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,  10(6),  3799-3804. (2010)

Yujie Cheng, Changfeng Ge, Jeffrey Lodge and K.S.V Santhanam, Evaluation study of vanillin, curcumin and turmeric with potential use in  antimicrobial packaging applications. Journal of Applied Packaging Research, Vol 5/No.3, October  2011 ,DEStech Publications, Inc, US.

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Xu Chen, S. Gupta, and K. S. V. Santhanam,  Thermogravimetric Analysis of Atomized Ferromagnetic Composites with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes:
An Unusual Behavior of Nickel in Nanospace,
 J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 14, 2679-2682 (2014)

K. S. V. Santhanam, Xu Chen, and S. Gupta,  Modelization of Nanospace Interaction Involving a Ferromagnetic Atom: A Spin Polarization Effect Study by
Thermogravimetric Analysis,
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