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BS Biology

the branch of knowledge that deals with living things and vital processes.

Biology encompasses all of the processes and patterns that characterize living cell, organisms, and ecosystems. Building on recent advances in the molecular, cellular, organismal, and ecological disciplines, modern biological science offers students a rich framework that can launch a career with a wide variety of skills for discoveries within cells, organ systems, species, and even ecosystems in which we live. The 21st century is an exciting time to become a biologist!

Recent advances in molecular and cellular biology have made it possible to read the complete set of genes (the genomes) of many species including our own. Genome projects range from several thousand to several billion individual letters (bases) that make up a genetic instruction set for the growth and development of all organisms on Earth. The translations of these .instructions of life. have produced marvelous results ranging from answers to questions about the origins of viral and bacterial pathogens to the orgin of life itself. The future holds great promise that this work will continue produce major advances in our understanding of the relationships among all living organisms, our own origins, and health and disease including personalized medicine tailored to our own individual genomes.

Our understanding of all life, from bacteria and viruses to multicellular organisms including ourselves will continue to group as more genomes are sequenced and analyzed. Indeed, we are drawing closer and closer to an understanding of the very essence of what it is to be alive.

The Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science program in Biology that provides students with the foundation knowledge and practical experiences necessary to pursue a wide variety of career opportunities in the biological sciences.