Mari­a Helguera

Associate Professor

Biomedical and Materials Multimodal Imaging Lab

Contact Information

OfficeCAR 2100
Phone(585) 475-7053

Mailing Address

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science
54 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY, 14623

  • BS Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), 1984
  • MS Electrical Engineering, University of Rochester, 1990
  • PhD Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1999

Job Responsibilities

Principal Investigator in the Biomedical and Materials Imaging Lab
Imaging Science Undregraduate Program Director

Research Interests

  • Medical imaging system characterization
  • Ultrasound tissue characterization
  • Digital image processing and analysis
  • Non-destructive evaluation techniques

Selected Publications

  1. Castro, T. Ruíz-Suárez, L.G., Helguera, M., Gay, C., Ruíz-Suárez, J.C., “Experimental determination of the photolysis constant of nitrogen dioxide for Mexico City”. Pollution Control and Monitoring. Air Pollution II, Vol. 2, Computational Mechanics Publications, 277-282, 1994.
  2. Castro, T., Ruíz-Suárez, L.G., Gay, C., Helguera, M., Ruíz-Suárez, J.C., “Direct measurements of NO2 Photolysis rates for Mexico City”, Atmósfera, UNAM, 137-142, 1995
  3. Rao, N.A.H.K., Helguera, M., “A multibandwidth probing method for tissue scattering microstructure characterization”, 1997 IEEE International Ultrason. Symposium Proceedings, 2, pp. 1193-1196, 1997.
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  5. Baum, K.G., Schmidt, E., Rafferty, K., Helguera, M., Feiglin, D.H., Krol, A.,  “Preliminary Study of PET/MRI Image Fusion Schemes for Enhanced Breast Cancer Diagnosis”, 2007 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Proceedings, 3774-3780, 2007.
  6. Panandiker, R.P., Helguera, M., Varela, B., Rao, N., Phillips, D., Arney, J., “Cure Characterization of Powder-coatings Using Pulse-echo and Pitch-catch Ultrasonic Investigation Systems”, 2007 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings, 42-46, 2007.
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  15. Vaidya, K., Hatfield,K., Helguera, M., Pichichero, M., “Building Parametric Images of Biological Materials using High Frequency Ultrasound”, International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, Manipal University, India, 2011. In press.
  16. YousefHussien, M., Garvin, K., Dalecki, D., Saber, E., Helguera, M., “Three-dimensional Volume Analysis of Vasculature in Engineered Tissues”, IS&T SPIE Electronic Imaging, Pending.
  17. Ravines, P., Baum, K.G., Cox, N., Welch, S., Helguera, M., “Multimodality imaging of daguerreotypes and development of a registration program for image evaluation”, Submitted to Journal of the American Institute of Conservation, 2012. Currently under evaluation