Other Web Sites of Interest


  • Sky and Telescope magazines's home page.
  • The current star map for Rochester, NY.
  • Local weather information Wunderground.
  • NOAA forecast for Buffalo, or just look at the Buffalo long-range radar loop.
  • Animated loops of satellite images from Unisys Weather, for those with fast connections.

  •         Visible       - Continental U.S.;  Northeast U.S.
           Infrared      - Continental U.S.;  Northeast U.S.
       Water Vapor  - Continental U.S.
  • Eastern US Infrared satellite loop from NOAA's NESDIS site
  • Northeast Satellite image from Accuweather
  • Large weather map of Northeast US from the Weather Channel.
  • What Time is It? Accurate time from US Naval Observatory.
  • Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science, Rochester's Astronomy Club.
  • Heavens Above satellite predictions for Rochester
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Hubble Space Telescope Public information about the HST.
  • calsky.com provides views of your local sky and closeups of the planets (with their moons), all from within an ordinary web browser.


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