Research Laboratories, Clusters, & Centers

There are several collaborative research laboratories, groups, and centers in the College of Science. The following list provides links to these research groups. For additional areas of research expertise please refer to individual faculty research pages that are linked through the COS Directory or review the list of research interests.


CACM: Center for Applied and Computational Mathematics
CASTLE: Center for Advancing Science/Mathematics Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation
CCRG: Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation

CfD: Center for Detectors

DIRS: Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory

LAMA: Laboratory for Multiwavelength Astrophysics 

MCSL: Munsell Color Science Laboratory

MRL: Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

MVRL: Multidisciplinary Vision Research Laboratory

SMERC: Science/Math Educational Research Collaborative