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Science Exploration Program


With so many career opportunities in the natural sciences, mathematics, and imaging / color sciences professions, it can be difficult for an individual with multiple interests to decide on a major. To aid students in making this important decision in a supportive atmosphere, RIT's College of Science has created the Science Exploration Program.

This program of study is attractive to many first year students because it allows them to take up to a year to decide on a specific math or science major while still fulfilling basic RIT course requirements.

Opportunities for friends and fun are an important part of the relationships which grow out of the Science Exploration Seminar. This is one of the many courses Science Exploration majors take during their first-year curriculum.

One of the greatest assets of the Science Exploration Program is that students work closely with both faculty and student advisors.

Each year the former Science Exploration majors plan activities on and off campus for the new Science Exploration students.