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Suzanne O'Handley


B.S., 1985, Rutgers University

M.S., 1987, University of Rochester

Ph.D., 1991, University of Rochester

Select Publications

      1. L-W. Kang, S.B. Gabelli, J.E. Cunningham, S.F. O’Handley, L.M. Amzel, “Structure and Mechanism of MT- ADPRase, a Nudix Hydrolase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis”, Structure 11:1015-1023 (2003).

      2. S.F. O’Handley, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, “Orf135 from E. coli is a Nudix hydrolase specific for CTP, dCTP, and 5-methyl-dCTP”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 276:421-5426 (2001).

      3. C.A. Dunn, S.F. O’Handley, D.N. Frick, M.J. Bessman, “The ADP-ribose Pyrophosphatase Subfamily of the Nudix Hydrolases”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 274:32318-32324 (1999)

      4. S. Sheikh, S.F. O’Handley, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, M.J. “Identification and Characterization of the Nudix Hydrolase from the Archaeon, Methanococcus jannaschii, as a Highly Specific ADP-ribose Pyrophosphatase”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273:20924-20928 (1998).   

      5. S.F. O’Handley, D.N. Frick, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, M.J. “Orf186 Represents a New Member of the Nudix Hydrolases, Active on Adenosine(5’)triphospho(5’) adenosine, ADP-ribose, and NADH”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273:3192-3197 (1998).   

      6. S.F. O’Handley, D.N. Frick, L.C. Bullions, M.J. Bessman “E. coli orf17 Codes for a Nucleoside Triphosphate Pyrophosphohydrolase Member of the MutT Family of Proteins. Cloning, Purification, and Characterization of the Enzyme”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271:24649-24654 (1996). 

      7. M.J. Bessman, D.N. Frick, S.F. O’Handley, S.F. “The MutT Proteins or “Nudix” Hydrolases, a Family of Versatile, Widely Distributed, “Housecleaning” Enzymes”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271:25059-25062 (1996). 

      8. S.F. O’Handley, C.P. Scholes, R.P. Cunningham, R.P. “Endonuclease III Interactions with DNA Substrates: I. Binding and Footprinting Studies with Oligonucleotides Containing a Reduced Apyrimidinic Site”, Biochemistry 34:2528-2536 (1995).

      9. S.F. O’Handley, D.G. Sanford, R. Xu, C.C. Lester, B.E. Hingerty, S. Broyde, T.R. Krugh, “Structural Characterization of an N-Acetyl-2-aminofluorene Modified DNA Oligomer by NMR, Energy Minimization, and Molecular Dynamics”, Biochemistry 32:2481-2497 (1995).

      10. C.F. Kuo, D.E. McRee, C.L. Fisher, S.F. O’Handley, R.P. Cunningham, J.A. Tainer, “Atomic Structure of the DNA Repair[4Fe-4S] Enzyme Endonuclease III: Prototype for DNA N-Glycosylase and AP Lyase”, Science 258:434-440 (1992). 

      11. W. Fu, S. O'Handley, R.P. Cunningham, M.K. Johnson, “The Role of the Iron-Sulfur Cluster in E. coli Endonuclease III: A Resonance Raman Study”, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267:16135-16137 (1992).

      12. S.F. O'Handley, D.G. Sanford, R. Xu, C.C. Lester, B.E. Hingerty, S. Broyde, T.R. Krugh, “Structure of an Acetylaminofluorene Modified DNA Oligomer”, Proceedings of the 7th Conversation in Biomolecular Stereodynamics (Sarma, R.H., & Sarma, M.H., Ed.) Adenine Press (1992).

      13. S. Broyde, B. Hingerty, R. Xu, S. O'Handley, T. Krugh, “Static and Animated Molecular Views of  a Tumorigenic Chemical Bound to DNA” Proceedings of  the First Energy Research Power Supercomputer Users Symposium, U.S. Department of Energy (1991).