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Pizza Bake-Off


This year's orientation week social event for the chemistry graduate students was a pizza bake-off contest. Each participant started with a dough ball and added their own toppings to create a masterpiece. As expected, the faculty sat around discussing the chemistry fermentation and polymerization of gluten

while the graduate students did the work.


At times the creation process looked chaotic, but the results were delicious. 

Magda's Gluten free, Mediterranean and Lenny's BBQ Chicken pizzas. 

Pizzas were judged on four categories: taste, appearance, originality, and overall awsomeness. 
Paul helps John-David perform the tireing job of tallying the score sheets and picking the winners.

The winners were (L to R) Bill for taste, Tim for appearance, and Anna for overall. 

Not pictured Ethel who won the originality category for her pizza of the sea. 





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