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Loraine Tan


B.S., 2003 , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ph.D., 2008 , University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Select Publications

      1. Steves, J. M.; Tan, L. T.; Gardella, J. A.; Hard, R.; Hicks, W. L.; Cartwright, A. N.; Koc, B.; Bright, F. V. Guest Aggregation Within Poly(L-lactic acid)/Pluronic P104 Thin Films. Appl. Spec. 2008, 62, 290-294.

      2. Holthoff, W. G.; Tan, L. T.; Shughart, E. L.; Cardone, E. M.; Bright, F. V. High Throughput Production and Screening Strategies for Creating Advanced Biomaterials and Chemical Sensors. In Combinatorial Methods for Chemical and Biological Sensors; Potyrailo, R. A., Mirsky, V. M., Integrated Analytical Systems; Springer-Verlag:New York, 2008; 393-417.

      3. Tan, L. T.; Holthoff, W. G.; Steves, J. M.; Bright, F. V., Probe-dependent Microenvironments within Biodegradable Films Formed from Poly (L-lactic acid) and Pluronic P104. Appl. Spec. 2010, 64, 359-364.