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Alumni News - Where Are They Now?

Andrew Benowitz '93 Chemistry

"To make a difference, you sometimes need to step outside your comfort zone and reinvent yourself."
It's this attitude that has got Dr Andrew Benowitz to where he is today – head of GSK's haemoglobin research centre in Upper Providence, Pennsylvania. Searching for solutions – one scientist's story

Sarah (Chapman) Petitto BS '98

Sarah recently announced the birth of her daughter Elena Lucille Pettito. Sarah is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Sean Culver '11

Sean recently reported back to us that he was awarded an NSF graduate fellowship. Sean is currently studying inorganic chemistry in the PhD program at University of Southern California. While at RIT, Sean worked in the research lab of Dr. Suzanne O'Handley.

Joel Walker BS '11

Joel is working with Dr. Jose Madalengoitia at UVM. He'll be starting research work on a methodology project exploring substrate scope for a 1,3-diaza-Claisen rearrangement. Eventually the rearrangement should be applied to Batzelladine alkaloid natural products.

Tim Liwosz BS '09

Tim successfully defended his synopsis and proposal last semester so he is officially a PhD candidate at University at Buffalo. He is being paid by Dr. Chemler as an RA so he is not currently teaching which gives him more time for research. Tim's first manuscript was just accepted and published: Liwosz, Timothy W.; Chemler, Sherry R.,. "Copper-Catalyzed Enantioselective Intramolecular Alkene Amination/Intermolecular Heck-Type Coupling Cascade" J. Amer. Chem. Soc 2012, 134 (4), 2020-2023. Congrats Tim!

Sarah Frisco BS '12

Sarah is currently studying abroad in Cambridge, England. She reports that she is having a wonderful time at Oxford. Since In addition to her usual coursework, Sarah had a German proficiency test to qualify for a course she is taking this term: German for Chemists and Engineers. The study abroad program has subsidized trips to Wales and Scotland. Sarah writes, "I continue to be impressed by the vibrant social culture on campus. There seems to be a club or society for just about any interest you can think of, and there are lectures and plays and debates happening every night of the week." The main city of Oxford is no more than a 10 minute walk away from where she is housed. Sarah states , "I feel like I'm finally getting to experience what a college town is like - ha, actually, I'm getting to experience the original college town!"

Sebastian Ramirez '12

Sebastian Ramirez '12 reached out from across the globe. Sebastian is currently teaching in China. He writes, "It's been a crazy experience so far! So much to learn. I've been teaching 3 - 10 year olds at two different schools in Wuhan city in central China. Crazy that it's already been three months! Overall, I've definitely enjoyed it. Working with kids is a lot of fun . There is plenty of delicious food, and learning the language is a good time."

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