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Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Instrument Model Cost per Sample* Other Associated Costs**
Atomic Absorption Perkin-Elmer Aanalyst 800 with Graphite Furnace $50.00 $5.00 per element per sample
Perkin-Elmer Aanalyst 100
Fluorimeter Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluoromax-4 $50.00  
Perkin-Elmer LS-55    
Infrared Spectrophotometers Biorad Excalibur with ATR and Diffuse Reflectance Capabilities $50.00  
Shimadzu IR Prestige-21 with ATR    
HPLC HP 1100 with UV-VIS, Diode Array, RI Detection, and GPC Capabilities $75.00  
Shimadzu Prominence with UV-VIS Detector
NMR Bruker Avance III 500 capable of measuring Carbon, Hydrogen, Fluorine, $75.00  
Bruker Avance DRX 300 capable of measuring Carbon, Hydrogen, Fluorine.
Note: Other Nuclei with spin can also be determined – call for a quote
UV-VIS HP 8543 Diode Array $50.00   
PerkinElmer Lamda 25
Shimadzu UV-2501PC – High Resolution
HP 8453 Diode Array
DSC TA 2010 with cold temperature capabilities $70.00  
PerkinElmer Diamond With Cold Temperature Capabilities
TGA TA 2050 $70.00  
TA Q500
DMA Seiko DMS110 with cold temperature capabilities $80.00   
Perkin Elmer DMA 8000
Seiko DMS200 with cold temperature capabilities
GC-MS HP 6890/5973 GC/MS $80.00  
Rheometry TA AR 2000 Rheometer $75.00  
LC/MS/MS Applied Biosystems Q Trap $80.00  
Melt Flow Tinius Olsen MF Index $75.00  

*Discounts may apply for 10 or more samples.

**Additional charges may apply for extensive sample preparation or data interpretation. Please call for a quote.

Instrumentation Specialist

Thomas Allston

Thomas Allston

GOS 8-A200

Rochester Institute of Technology
84 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623