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The Working World of Chemistry and Materials Science

A sample of the careers, schools, and co-ops of some of our recent graduates


RIT graduates are well-prepared to apply their knowledge to a career

Our graduates earn B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, which prepare them for jobs in industry as research scientists, analysts, and managers. The average starting salary is $63,000 a year.

Xerox Corporation-EA Plant Operation ManagerEmployers
EMCON Technologies-Warranty/Materials Engineer
Lockheed Martin-Systems Engineering
Delphi Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Materials Engineer
GlobalFoundries-Materials Engineer
Massachusetts General Hospital-Research Lab Technician
RIT-Research Assistant
CR Bard-Analytical Chemist
LMI Government Consulting-Analyst

Graduate Schools

Many graduates continue their education

Our graduates have also gone on to success in postgraduate academic programs. Many pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry but others find their way in Materials Science, or even Business and Pharmaceuticals.

University of Buffalo-Ph.D., in ChemistryGradSchools
University of Massachusetts, Amherst-Ph.D., Polymer Science and Engineering
University of Southern California-Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry
Carnegie Mellon University-Ph.D., Biological Sciences
University of Rochester-Ph.D., Chemistry
Michigan State University-Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
Clemson University-Graduate Researcher in carbon nanomaterials
Virginia Tech-Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering



Cooperative Education Program

RIT has the edge in placing students in these high-level positions because of its renowned cooperative education program. Students have the opportunity to obtain real-life work experience both locally and across the country. Co-ops are optional for all majors in this School.

M&M Mars, Inc.-Intern co-op
Bausch & Lomb-Procurement Summer Intern
Dow Chemical-Engineer
IBM-Development Engineer
Johnson & Johnson-Supply Chain / Operations
Monroe County Pure Waters-Student Intern
Anheuser Busch-Systems Technology
National Renewable Energy Labs-Quality Management Intern
University of Rochester-Environmental Chemistry Co-op
Rheonix Inc-Biotechnology Research Assistant Intern
Sunoco Products-Intern