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Research Experience for Undergraduates

Materials, application and development for organic photovoltaic devices RIT-OPV June 1 - August 7. RIT's SCMS REU has, at its core, the development of improved materials targeted for organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices. OPV technology promises to play a vital role as society addresses the need for renewable energy as it deals with the problems caused through anthropogenic climate change associated with burning of fossil fuels. Deadline is March 15

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Research Scholars Program

The Research Scholars Program is designed to recognize the research achievements of our undergraduate research students. We envision this program as a way to increase the visibility of our research students, to foster a culture of undergraduate research, and to promote undergraduate research.

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In addition to conducting research in one of the research laboratories at RIT, students have the opportunity to conduct research across the globe in industrial labs and institutions. In the past, students in our program have participated in research programs in Austria, China, and Africa in addition to working at Eli Lilley, Amgen, and Bausch and Lomb.

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Center for Materials Science and Engineering

The Center for Materials Science & Engineering provides an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the study of materials. The faculty consist of members of the College of Science and College of Engineering. It offers a graduate program in Materials Science & Engineering. The faculty members conduct research in a large number of areas.

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Students also have the option of pursuing American Chemical Society (ACS) certified B.S. degrees!

Our programs prepare graduates for positions in several fields of chemistry, including professional industrial work in processing and laboratory operations, research and experimental work, supervision of technical projects, and managerial positions. A substantial number of graduates continue their education and earn advanced degrees in chemistry or pursue careers in pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry.

The School of Chemistry & Materials Science has research- and teaching-oriented faculty, as well as excellent equipment and facilities.

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