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COS-MATH-090 Algebra

COS-MATH-101 College Algebra

COS-MATH-104 Contemporary Mathematics

COS-MATH-111 Precalculus

COS-MATH-131 Discrete Mathematics

COS-MATH-161 Applied Calculus

COS-MATH-171 Calculus A

COS-MATH-172 Calculus B

COS-MATH-173 Calculus C

COS-MATH-180 Calculus Bridge

COS-MATH-181 Project Based Calculus I

COS-MATH-181A-Calculus I

COS-MATH-182 Project Based Calculus II

COS-MATH-182A-Calculus II

COS-MATH-185 Mathematics Of Graphical Simulation I

COS-MATH-186 Mathematics Of Graphical Simulation II

COS-MATH-190 Discrete Mathematics For Computing

COS-MATH-190H Honors Discrete Mathematics

COS-MATH-199 Mathematics And Statistics Seminar

COS-MATH-200 Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Proofs

COS-MATH-211 Elements Of Multivariable Calculus

COS-MATH-219 Multivariable Calculus

COS-MATH-220 Vector Calculus

COS-MATH-221 Multivariable And Vector Calculus

COS-MATH-221H Honors Multivariable And Vector Calculus

COS-MATH-231 Differential Equations

COS-MATH-233 Linear Systems And Differential Equations

COS-MATH-241 Linear Algebra

COS-MATH-251 Probability and Statistics I

COS-MATH-252 Probability And Statistics II

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COS-MATH-255 Actuarial Mathematics

COS-MATH-261 Topics Math Finance

COS-MATH-291 History Of Mathematics

COS-MATH-295 Problem Solving

COS-MATH-301 Mathematics Of Simulation

COS-MATH-305 Intro To Math Computing

COS-MATH-311 Linear Optimization

COS-MATH-312 Nonlinear Optimization

COS-MATH-321 Game Theory

COS-MATH-326 Boundary Value Problems

COS-MATH-331 Dynamical Systems

COS-MATH-341 Advanced Linear Algebra

COS-MATH-351 Graph Theory

COS-MATH-361 Combinatorics

COS-MATH-367 Codes And Ciphers

COS-MATH-367H Honors Codes And Ciphers

COS-MATH-371 NumberTheory

COS-MATH-381 Complex Variables

COS-MATH-399 Job Search Seminar

COS-MATH-401 Stochastic Processes

COS-MATH-411 Numerical Analysis

COS-MATH-412 Numerical Linear Algebra

COS-MATH-421 Mathematical Modeling

COS-MATH-431 Real Variables I

COS-MATH-432 Real Variables II

COS-MATH-441 Abstract Algebra I

COS-MATH-442 Abstract Algebra II

COS-MATH-461 Topology

COS-MATH-495 Undergraduate Research

COS-MATH-498 Independent Study

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COS-STAT-145 Introduction To Statistics I

COS-STAT-146 Introduction To Statistics II

COS-STAT-155 Introduction To Biostatistics

COS-STAT-205 Applied Statistics

COS-STAT-295 Statistical Analysis For Bioinformatics

COS-STAT-305 Regression Analysis

COS-STAT-315 Statistical Quality Control

COS-STAT-325 Design Of Experiments-WI

COS-STAT-335 Introduction To Time Series

COS-STAT-345 Nonparametric Statistics

COS-STAT-405 Mathematical Statistics I

COS-STAT-406 Mathematical Statistics II

COS-STAT-415 Statistical Sampling

COS-STAT-425 Multivariate Analysis

COS-STAT-435 Statistical Linear Models

COS-STAT-445 Senior Seminar in Statistics

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Graduate courses

COS-MATH-601 Methods Of Applied Mathematics

COS-MATH-603 Optimization Theory

COS-MATH-605 Stochastic Processes

COS-MATH-606 Graduate Seminar I

COS-MATH-607 Graduate Seminar II

COS-MATH-611 Numerical Analysis

COS-MATH-612 Numerical Linear Algebra

COS-MATH-621 Complex Analysis

COS-MATH-631 Dynamical Systems

COS-MATH-641 Logic Set Theory And Computability

COS-MATH-645 Graph Theory

COS-MATH-646 Combinatorics

COS-MATH-655 Biostatistics

COS-MATH-671 Number Theory

COS-MATH-695 Statistical Models For Bioinformatics

COS-MATH-711 Advanced Methods In Scientific Computing

COS-MATH-712 Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations

COS-MATH-731 Advanced Dynamical Systems

COS-MATH-735 Math Finance I

COS-MATH-736 Math Finance II

COS-MATH-741 Partial Differential Equations I

COS-MATH-742 Partial Differential Equations II

COS-MATH-761 Mathematical Biology

COS-MATH-771 Mathematics Of Cryptography

COS-MATH-781 Wavelets And Applications

COS-MATH-799 Thesis

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Transition Courses

COS-MATH-131T Discrete Mathematics (Transition)

COS-MATH-184T Analytic Geometry (Transition)

COS-MATH-190T Discrete Mathematics for Computing (Transition)


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Pilot Courses

COS-MATH-181A Calculus I

COS-MATH-182A Calculus II