Student Clubs

College of Science Student Advisory Board (COSSAB)

Formed in 1997, the group was established as a liaison between the COS students, Student Government, and the Dean. In addition to sponsoring the annual spring picnic and formal dance, the COSSAB has been involved with issues concerning COS students. Contact us.

Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Chemistry Fraternity)

Alpha Chi Sigma is one of a kind. Following the original concept for a fraternity as an academic organization, we are the only Professional Chemistry Fraternity. Over 100 years old with over 50,000 members, we bring together men and women pursuing a wide variety of chemistry-related careers.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ASBMB

We are a  professional organization composed of biochemists, molecular biologists and other similar professionals. As a group of student affiliates our organization helps foster fun activities for people interested in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as provides opportunities for students to go to nationally ranked research symposiums.


Bioinformatics Journal Club

The RIT Bioinformatics Journal Club is a group of students who engage in structured weekly discussions of topics of interest in the field of bioinformatics. In addition to providing a forum of discourse for those with a shared interest in bioinformatics, the club is intended to facilitate networking among students and to inform members of potential research opportunities.

Chem Club

Chem Club was initiated to develop a better sense of community within the chemistry department. Chem Club organizes both social and educational events that will give fellow chem majors an opportunity to get to know one another and explore the many facets to a career in chemistry. Quarterly newsletters will be available in addition to photos of current events within the club.

Imaging Science Club

The Imaging Science club is a collaborative effort between the students, faculty and staff of the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science and RIT's SPIE/OSA student chapters. The group meets weekly on Fridays at 1:00 pm in CAR-1275. Throughout the year, presenters come in to talk about recent work or an imaging related experience and how it can benefit the Imaging Science community. Occasionally recruiters from all over the country will come in and talk about job openings in the field of Imaging Science.  Every weekly meeting is accompanied by complimentary pizza for all participants.  Hope to see you there!



piRIT is RIT's Association of Student Mathematicians and Statisticians whose goals are: Promotion of math awareness on campus, Undergraduate research opportunities, Fun group activities, Tutoring, Guest Speakers, Graduate school information.

RIT Observatory

Astronomy at RIT is shared in a collaborative sense between the Department of Physics and the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science, two academic units in the College of Science. While astronomy is not a major at RIT, several undergraduate courses are offered through the Department of Physics.

Society of Physics Students

The SPS is devoted to adding a personal touch to the often impersonal world of physics. The group sponsors numerous events and get-togethers throughout the academic year.

House of General Science

HoGS is a special interest house over a decade old. We hold strong ties with the College of Science at RIT, the College of Applied Sciences and Technology, the Rochester Museum of Science, and other Special Interest Houses on campus. We here on HoGS are a sociable bunch, doing activities together including apple picking, rock climbing, and watching movies in our lounge together. We are for all kinds of sciences, whether you are a biology, mechanical engineer, or even art major! Join us if you have an interest in science, and want to spend a great year around great people.