Talks & Seminars

There are many weekly seminars throughout the College. Additionally, COS hosts larger event speakers as part of its Distinguished Speakers Series and the John Wiley Jones Symposium. More information on these talks can be found on the Distinguished Speakers page.


To keep up to date on weekly seminars, check the COS Speakers Calendar, available here through Google Calendar. This calendar lists times for all the various COS speakers series. Please check here before scheduling future events, as well as to find information about already scheduled events.


You may subscribe to the calendar through Microsoft Outlook.


COS Faculty Research Symposium

Each fall, COS faculty who lead large research groups, who have returned from sabbatical leaves, or who have received internal grants to initiate research programs gather for an afternoon to give brief updates on their research activities. This event provides an opportunity for all COS faculty to learn about each other's research and socialize. Since 2012, each faculty member is only allowed one slide for their brief presentation. PDF files with the slides from the presentations are available below.

Fall 2011 COS Faculty Research Symposium

Fall 2012 COS Faculty Research Symposium

Fall 2013 COS Faculty Research Symposium

Fall 2014 COS Faculty Research Symposium