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Public Safety

Emergency: (585) 475-3333
General: (585) 475-2853
Text: (585) 205-8333

Rochester Institute of Technology is a large, vibrant and academically rich environment with teaching, learning and scholarship as its central enterprises. Ensuring the safety and security of our community and its environmental treasures requires a well-trained and fully committed professional team sensitive to the diverse needs in our community. Through our interactions with students, faculty, staff and visitors we literally service the world - and we do it with PRIDE. In responding to the needs and challenges in our community we encourage a comprehensive approach that embraces collaborative partnerships working in harmony to ensure safety on our campus.

Each of us in the department recognizes our responsibility for providing a pleasant and safe environment in which to learn, work, live, recreate and visit. Accordingly, we pledge to operate in a mode of continuous improvement, always seeking opportunities that enable us to provide you with quality, timely, and valued services.

Public Safety provides a wide variety of security services and prevention programs to the campus community. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their safety by staying informed of these services and reporting suspicious activity. Although each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own personal safety, learning and practicing basic safety precautions can enhance one's well being.


Chris Denninger, Director
Public Safety