Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

In order to promote community standards, the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution designs and delivers a fair and educationally-based behavioral conduct process as well as policy education and training to the RIT community.

Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

The Student Conduct Process can be utilized to uphold community standards by holding students accountable. It can also provide campus and individual safety. Student growth and development are major factors behind having a conduct process.

The Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution will intervene when behaviors are out of line with expectations and will utilize a range of responses under the Student Code of Conduct policy. Some of the most commonly referenced policies include D18.0, D19.0, and C27.0. Students undergoing the conduct process can reference the Student Bill of Rights, outlining their rights as RIT students.

The first and most common misunderstanding for students is that a conduct hearing is like a criminal trial: You will be found guilty or not guilty, you will be punished, and it is nothing to be excited about. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The underlying philosophy of student conduct should always be education, not punishment. Our two goals are to help the student develop and learn from the experience and to protect the campus.


Emotional Growth

Conflict Resolution

Campus Safety

Restorative Values

The Conduct Process

If you or your organization has been charged with a conduct violation, we want to make the process easy to understand so you can prepare as best you can.

Learn about the conduct process

Conflict Resolution

There are different types of conflict that students can face in their daily lives, and there are multiple resources available on campus to help students navigate and resolve those conflicts when they arise.

Learn about conflict resolution resources

RIT Conduct Advocate Program

The Conduct Advocate Program is designed to pair students with trained RIT faculty and staff to support throughout the Conduct Process.

Learn about the Conduct Advocate Program

Additional Support

In addition to the conduct process, the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution also offers the following:

Training presentations for the campus community

Conduct seminars

Conduct History for Student Background Checks and Student Organizations Records

Public safety reports to students for insurance purposes