Student Affairs affirms the university’s mission by leading RIT in developing a thriving and inclusive learning environment that empowers students to invent and reinvent their goals and aspirations. The success of every student is our highest priority.

Transformative experiences - Growth mindset - Extraordinary possibilities


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By advancing inclusive culture and equitable approaches, Student Affairs promotes an environment where all individuals can have a successful experience, feeling respected, welcomed, and safe. 


Student Affairs supports students’ ability to thrive by leading in designing, implementing, and assessing successful programs, services, and cross-university initiatives that positively impact student well-being.

Community and Sense of Belonging

Student Affairs fosters a strong sense of community and belonging, where engagement and the unique contributions of all members of the community are central to the campus environment. We recognize that individuals thrive in an environment where all members feel connected, supported, and valued.  

Organizational Culture

Student Affairs fosters an organizational culture that enables the division to recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse team of professionals who collectively work toward student success. 


Sandra Johnson
Senior Vice President Student Affairs
Kimberly Vent
Assistant to Senior Vice President
Jodi Boita
Executive Director
Nicole Boulais
Associate Vice President
Shelly Cicero
Director of Student Affairs Administration
Jacqueline Nicholson
Executive Director Intercollegiate Athletics
Lynn Purdy
Director Student Affairs Financial Operations
Shelitha Williams
Associate Vice President