Reporting an Incident

Reporting a Concern at RIT

The university encourages everyone, including employees, students, or third parties, to file a report of an actual or perceived violation of RIT policy or federal, state, or local laws related to an RIT employee. When reporting a concern, please provide details such as the alleged conduct, time, date, location, and individuals involved.

Additionally, anyone can report concerns to their immediate supervisor, dean, divisional leader, or other university officer. If a supervisor learns of any potential misconduct or a policy violation complaint, they must contact OCE, the Title IX Office, the Office of Legal Affairs, or Human Resources, and refrain from taking any employee-related actions to address the issue.

For a complete list of all reporting options at RIT, please click here.

External Reporting Options

You may also report certain concerns directly to the government.


RIT prohibits retaliation in any form against a person for reporting in good faith. For more information, see Policy C00.0 Code of Ethical Conduct and Compliance.

Individuals can report retaliation anonymously through RIT's Ethics and Compliance Hotline or directly to the DHS Office of Inspector General. Reporters are further protected under DHS OIG Whistleblower Protection.

Privacy and Confidentiality

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RIT offices and employees who cannot promise confidentiality will still protect your privacy as much as possible. Only the essential personnel needed to address a dispute will have access to information shared with non-confidential resources. Information disclosed during certain events, like public awareness events, protests or demonstrations, classes, or advocacy activities, will not prompt an investigation. However, publicly shared information may contribute to the university's education, prevention, and awareness efforts.

Support Services

RIT cares about and prioritizes your well-being. To access a comprehensive list of support, counseling, and advocacy resources, both within RIT and the broader community, please visit the OCE Support Services webpage. These services are designed to provide assistance and guidance during challenging times.