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About the Title IX Office

RIT's Title IX Office is a neutral entity, dedicated to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment that is free from harassment and discrimination against any member of the RIT Community on the basis of their sex or gender. Key responsibilities of the Title IX Office include:

  1. Overseeing and Responding:  The Title IX Office handles all reports of sex discrimination within the RIT Community, including incidents of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking.
  2. Enforcing Non-Discrimination Policies:  It ensures that the university’s policies related to sex discrimination are upheld.
  3. Educating the Community: The office educates the RIT community about the university’s policies and practices.
  4. Investigation Employee Reports: When employees report sex discrimination, the Title IX Office conducts thorough investigations.
  5. Connecting People to Resources: If anyone experiences sex discrimination or retaliation, the office connects them to relevant support resources.
  6. Listening to Community Concerns: The office actively listens to community concerns related to sex discrimination.
  7. Identifying Patterns and Systemic Issues: During reviews of sex discrimination reports, the office identifies any recurring patterns or systemic problems.
  8. Ensuring Legal Compliance: The Title IX Office ensures that RIT adheres to federal and state laws regarding sex discrimination, even in a constantly evolving landscape.

For employees, students, parents, guardians, and visitors, the Title IX Office serves as a valuable resource. To contact the Title IX Office, please refer to our OCE Staff Directory page. If you have an emergency, please reach out directly to RIT Public Safety at 585-475-3333 or text 585-205-8333.

Title IX Policies

RIT takes sex and gender-based harassment and discrimination very seriously. The Title IX Office promptly investigates complaints related to sexual discrimination, which encompasses sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking. In all cases, the goal is to take swift action to halt the behavior, prevent its recurrence, and address its impact. All RIT policies related to sex and gender-based harassment and discrimination, including Title IX, can be found here.

Title IX Reporting

All members of the RIT community are encouraged to report sex and gender-based harassment or discrimination that you experience or witness. In addition, to reporting to the Title IX office, members of the RIT community have the right to make a report to RIT Public Safety, local law enforcement, and/or state police.  You also have the right to be protected from retaliation for reporting an incident, and the right to receive assistance and resources. To report a report a concern or incident involving sex or gender-based harassment or discrimination, including Title IX, please submit a report using our online form:

Report a Title IX Concern

If you have an immediate concern for your safety or the safety of another, please contact RIT Public Safety by either calling them at 585-475-3333 or texting them at 585-205-8333. Additional reporting options can be found on OCE's Report a Concern webpage.

Title IX Investigations

RIT's Title IX Office is responsible for investigating complaints related to sex and gender-based discrimination and harassment. This includes incidents of alleged sexual assault or violence, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and retaliation involving employees. The office ensures compliance with federal and state laws regarding sex discrimination. For more information on Title IX's investigation process, please visit the OCE Investigations and Reviews webpage.

Title IX Resources and Information

The Title IX Office provides the RIT Community with Title IX resources and guidance, including detailed information for students and employees.

Title IX Education and Training

All RIT employees are required to complete Discrimination and Harassment (including Title IX) training upon hire. Additionally, they must take an annual refresher course on Harassment and Discrimination (including Title IX) through Talent Roadmap. To access these courses and more, please visit OCE Training and Education.

For RIT Community members seeking specialized Title IX-focused training, the Title IX Office offers the Sex and Gender-Based Education, Awareness, and Prevention Program, as well as Title IX Practitioners training.

Support Services

RIT prioritizes your well-being, whether you are a student or employee. If you require assistance or support related to a Title IX issue, please reach out to the resources listed on the RIT Title IX Resources (Printable Poster). If necessary, Title IX and Public Safety will collaborate with you to create a Safety Plan.

For a list of on-campus RIT and off-campus community resources that provide support, counseling, and advocacy, please visit the our Support Services webpage.