Title IX Resources and Information

Title IX Advisors and Advocates

During the Title IX process, complainants can seek support form various sources, including:

  1. RIT Advocates
  2. RIT Title IX Advocates
  3. RIT Title IX Partners

These resources are available to provide assistance and guidance.

RIT Title IX Advocate and Partner Assignment (D19.0 and C27.0 Cases)

RIT Title IX Advocate List


If your pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition affects your ability to perform your job, you have the right to request reasonable accommodation. For detailed information on relevant policies and current details on RIT Paternal and Maternal Leave, Disability Leave for the Birth of a Child, Adoption Assistance, and Bonding Leave options for the Non-Birth Parent, please refer to RIT Human Resources Parental Leave Policies. To submit an accommodation request as an employee, please refer to RIT Human Resources Accommodation Policies. If you are a student, you must submit an accommodation request to the Disability Services Office.

RIT Pregnancy Brochure 

EEOC PWFA Reasonable Steps

Discrimination Based on Pregnancy and Related Conditions