Information and Data Analytics

Data Visualization

To promote transparency, OCE developed dashboards that track and share historical and current data related to activities and outcomes of our Compliance and Ethics Program.

Annual Reports

OCE regularly releases detailed reports offering a thorough overview of the university's Compliance and Ethics Program activities and outcomes.By doing so, RIT and OCE demonstrate a steadfast dedication to transparency and fostering a culture of compliance and ethics.

Report on Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Reported Concerns

This Annual Report outlines the university's efforts to safeguard students and employees against sex and gender-based harassment and discrimination. Additionally, it covers information about other complaints and investigations handled by OCE.

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Student Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey

This biennial survey is conducted by the Title IX Office and offers valuable insights into the RIT Community. It sheds light on the university's ongoing efforts to safeguard both students and employees against sex discrimination, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment.

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Enterprise Risk Management Report and Institute Risk Map

This Annual Report offers the RIT community insight into the university’s top enterprise risks, Institute Risk Map, and responsible individuals who oversee each of the top risks.

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Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

This Annual Report is produced by Public Safety and provides an overview of services, prevention strategies, and crime statistics at RIT.

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