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The Institute Writing Committee (IWC) shall evaluate courses for the determination of meeting the Writing Intensive (WI) designation and maintain appropriate inter-college relationships with regard to Institute Writing Policy matters. The IWC will consult with the various curriculum committees  regarding program objectives and the criteria for WI Courses, review courses proposed to carry a WI designation and grant approval for  this designation, act as a liaison between all academic units to determine student and faculty need regarding implementation of the writing policy, define priorities for adequate professional and curricular support for both students and faculty, stay current with research for changing best practices with writing program administration, assess the feasibility and desirability for instituting these practices at RIT, and make recommendations accordingly, serve in an advisory role to program faculty  in the development of assessment methods for the writing course outcomes, participate in a “culture of writing” by working with faculty to design additional opportunities for writing: writing contests, student publications, service courses, special projects, and individual study.

The membership of the IWC shall include: a college faculty representative from each college to be elected by his or her collegial faculty; one representative elected at large by the Academic Senate; the Writing Program Director; one representative from the Academic Support Center, and the English Language Center; and the provost or his or her delegate (ex-officio, voting). Representatives will serve staggered three-year terms with the possibility of reappointment.

This committee is now a sub-committee under ICC, and charges are found under ICC.

Carryover charges:

  1. Liaison with the University Writing Program and other writing-related initiatives.
  2. Monitor and report to AS the implementation and assessment of the Institute Writing Policy.
  3. Review proposed WI courses.
  4. Serve as the faculty liaison with the University Writing Program and other writing-related initiatives, making recommendations when appropriate.

New charges:

  1. Draft a third section of D01.5 University Writing Policy addressing graduate writing, after completing an investigation of the current state of writing in graduate programs, which includes a working subgroup comprised of at-large key RIT stakeholders (e.g., Wallace Center delegate, Writing Commons Coordinator, Graduate Education delegate, etc.) and an investigation into graduate student experience.  This policy should i) provide a clear directive as to how graduate programs participate in graduate writing support and improvement; ii) modify such policy such that full buy-in from graduate programs is accomplished, based on discussions from IWC1.
  2. Add graduate writing to IWC’s oversight and evaluate formulation or modification of associated policy across domestic and overseas campuses.  Bring to Senate any necessary amendment to Policy B02.0 for Senate discussion and vote.Provide estimates as to the cost of supporting graduate student writing based on findings from IWC1.