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Join us for the 2019
Fram Signature Lecture!

“POWERFUL STUFF: An Entrepreneurial Mindset Built Upon Critical Thinking” with Doug Melton of KEEN

Date:              Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time:             3:30pm – 4:45pm

Place:            Ingle Auditorium (Reception immediately following in Fireside Lounge)

                              *Access Services will be providing interpreters for this event

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Through the natural course of life and work, we get opportunities to pilot powerful vehicles. On a given day, they might take the form of an e-bike, a sports car, motorboat, an airplane – or perhaps ones that offer a different type of adventure: an educational endeavor, a project, or even a single brilliant idea. Through this interactive and fun presentation, you will have an opportunity to consider how mindset and critical thinking are vital to piloting vehicles of any type. From this presentation, you will take away an understanding of a particularly powerful combination; an entrepreneurial mindset built upon critical thinking and focused on creating value.

Dr. Doug Melton has served as an educator and advisor to hundreds of students working on projects that range from biofuels production to crash sleds, from electronic test equipment to autonomous vehicles. He currently serves as program director for the Kern Family Foundation and academic leader for the Entrepreneurial Engineering Program. The flagship of the program is KEEN, a network of 45 institutions and thousands of faculty and students who are integrating mindset-oriented learning outcomes alongside the development of a finely tuned set of technical skills.