Faculty Policies

Policies and procedures are fundamental to the functioning of any organization. Policies that are easy to locate and well-written help the university accomplish its mission; maintain accountability; provide students, faculty, staff, and administrators with clear requirements and guidelines for their actions; and clarify how the university conducts business.

Faculty Titles

  1. E06.0 Policies on Faculty Rank and Promotion:  Information about rank and promotion for non-tenure-track, tenure-track, and tenured professors, as well as clinical faculty, guest lectures and affiliates
  2. E06.1 Faculty Honorary Titles: Learn more about emeritus faculty, distinguished professors and endowed chairs
  3. E04.0 Faculty Employment Policies: Learn more about faculty responsibilities as well as the faculty recruiting and hiring process
  4. E01.0 Employee Work Classifications: Learn more about full time, part time, faculty, staff and adjunct classifications