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University-Level Policies: An Overview

RIT's policy website provides RIT administrators, faculty, staff, and students with a central location to access university-level policies, as well as policy-related information and resources.

Access to University-Level Policies

Policies and procedures are fundamental to the functioning of any organization. Policies that are easy to locate and well-written help the university 1) accomplish its mission, 2) maintain accountability, 3) provide students, faculty, staff, and administrators with clear requirements and guidelines for their actions, and 4) clarify how the university conducts business.

To achieve these objectives, this website is the repository for current versions of governance policies (formerly found in the Institute Policies & Procedures Manual), located on the Governance Policy Library link.  This website also provides access to current versions of numerous administrative policies via hyperlinks to websites of the responsbile offices. These policies are on located on the Administrative Policy Library link.  Last, but certainly not least, this website provides a central location for students to find university-level policies that apply to them.  These are located on the Student Policy Library link.

The policies provided on, or accessed through, this website constitute official university-level policies for RIT.  When referring to university policies, accuracy is essential; therefore colleges, divisions, and departments must use hyperlinks to this website when doing so.  This requirement does not preclude colleges, divisions, or departments from developing and maintaining internal policies and procedures, provided they are not identified as, and do not conflict with university-level governance or administrative policies.

Policy-Related Information and Resources

This website also provides policy-related information and resources for administrators, faculty, staff, and students.  Information includes, for example; descriptions of the university-level governance groups, the history of RIT policy structures and processes, and summaries of policies currently undergoing review and scheduled for review.  Resources (particularly for policy authors) include, for example, editorial guidelines, a glossary of policy terminology, the approved standard policy format, and guidance for navigating the governance review and approval processes.


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