Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Carmala Garzione, Ph.D., joined RIT in July 2019 as the inaugural associate provost for Faculty Affairs. The mission of the Office of Faculty Affairs is to support the success of faculty through establishing best practices, policies, and procedures in support of faculty recruiting, onboarding, retention, tenure and promotion, and faculty career development. 

Garzione spent her early career (2000-2019) at the University of Rochester where she served in various leadership roles, including department chair and research center director. As department chair, she engaged Earth and Environmental Sciences faculty in strategic planning and recruiting that greatly expanded the size and breadth of the faculty. For her dedication to teaching at the University of Rochester, she was awarded the Goergen Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Garzione’s research focuses on the tectonic and climate evolution of sedimentary basins and related mountain belts. Large mountain belts have a significant impact on global climate and geochemical budgets. Garzione’s work has documented the growth history of large mountain belts, such as the Himalayan-Tibetan plateau and the Andes to shed light on the geodynamic processes that build some of the highest elevation regions on Earth. Her sedimentary basin, paleoclimate, and peleoelevation research informs understanding of how the growth and erosion of large mountain belts modulate regional and global climate. For her research efforts, Garzione received the Donath Medal from the Geologic Society of America and the Blavatnik Award from the New York Academy of Sciences.

Garzione holds a BS in geology from the University of Maryland and an MS and Ph.D. in geosciences from the University of Arizona.


A search is currently underway for the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. The search is expected to be completed by late August/early September and this page will be updated at that time.