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RIT in 1985
October 27, 2015

As you may know, this past Wednesday (October 21, 2015) was Back to the Future Day – the day in which the film's protagonist Marty McFly traveled from 1985 to 2015 in Back to the Future II. In honor of this, I thought we’d take a look back at where RIT was in 1985. Thanks to RITpedia and the RIT Archive for this timely information.

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Challenging stereotypes about computer science programs
October 9, 2015

Over the summer, I came across an opinion piece by Daniel Gelernter “Why I’m not looking to hire computer-science majors,” in The Wall Street Journal. This blog post is a response to that commentary.

In my opinion, Mr. Gelernter paints today’s college graduates with too broad a brush. I would suggest that rather than dismissing computer science graduates, he instead focus on looking in the right places for his employees.

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