Adjunct Faculty Orientation (AFO)

AFO is held in August and January of each academic year. New and returning adjuncts are welcome and encouraged to attend, as content is added often based on participant feedback and new resources. Please direct questions to the Faculty Development team at

  • The next orientation will be in January 6, 2020.

Adjunct Faculty Orientation: Your Survival Kit

January 6, 2020, 3 pm -5 pm
*Optional “Getting Started with myCourses” available from 12:30-2:30 pm.

10-10:05 am

Welcome and Overview of Orientation

Anne Canale and Cheryl Herdklotz, Faculty Career Development | Innovative Learning Institute


Student Information System (SIS)|
Tina Sturgis, Senior Associate Registrar
Overview of SIS; all instructors have access to the SIS Faculty/Staff Information Center to view their schedule of classes, class rosters, submit grades, as well as  a downloadable Faculty Guide to the SIS.


10:20 – 10:35

Using Starfish to Send Academic Alerts - Applies to undergraduate courses only

Stephanie Bauschard, Associate Director, University Advising Office
An introduction to RIT’s academic alert system that allows instructors to send timely feedback and information to students regarding their performance in a course. 


10:35 – 10:50

RIT’s Disability Services Office (DSO)

Shelley Zoeke, Assistant Director, Disability Services

Information about the mission, functions and procedures of the RIT DSO.


10:50 – 11:05


Teaching Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students - Resources & Services

Sue Stella, Manager Real-Time Captioning & Notetaking Services; Annette Fagan, Director of Operations for DAS, Ann Marie Kuntz, Manager, Real-time Captioning & Notetaking Services

Information on how to work with deaf/hard of hearing students and the support services provided by the Department of Access Services.


RIT Library Resources
Academic Integrity

Sue Mee, Global Education and Distance/Online Learning Librarian,

Research and Instruction Services
Information on resources available to faculty and students, on campus and online, as well as information on RIT’s academic integrity polices.





Innovative Learning Institute (ILI)/Teaching & Learning Services (TLS)

Marty Golia, Instructional Design Consultant and Researcher
Information about resources and services provided by RIT’s Academic Technologies, TLS, as well as myCourses support for RIT’s teaching faculty.


HR Benefits for Adjunct Faculty
Brett Lagoe, Benefits Analyst

Overview of RIT’s employee benefits for adjunct faculty by our Human Resources expert.



Wrap-up, Q&A 

Lunch to follow