The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a research initiative and membership organization that gathers benchmarking data on best practices for recruitment and retention of faculty. The core component of COACHE is a survey with robust analysis designed to provide information about faculty experiences at their campus. COACHE’s institutional reports are powerful tools campus leadership uses to strengthen the university’s capacity to identify the drivers of faculty success and to implement informed changes. For more information, visit Harvard Graduate School of Education's COACHE website.

2019 COACHE Survey

RIT will be participating in the third cycle of COACHE in February 2019. Provost Granberg and the COACHE 2019 Task Force will be sending details to faculty in late January. Faculty participation in the survey is important -- based on initiatives resulting from data collected during the past two COACHE surveys, RIT has revised tenure and promotion policies, initiated workshops for tenure and promotion committees, and developed resources for candidates going through the evaluation process. Feedback also revealed the need for greater attention to faculty needs within senior administration and as a result, a new position was created for an Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs. Data collected from the 2019 survey will help us continue to identify areas of strength and areas of concern for RIT and give us the information necessary to work toward thoughtful, tangible solutions.

2016 COACHE Survey  

The second COACHE survey resulted in a 51% total response rate. The Provost’s Report 2016 available on the right sidebar presents RIT’s survey results. Areas of strength included the nature of work related to service; governance (shared sense of purpose, understanding, adaptability, productivity and trust); senior leadership; personal and family policies; and health and retirement benefits. Areas of concern were collaboration, tenure and promotion clarity, and departmental engagement and quality.  

2013 COACHE Survey

The inaugural COACHE survey response rate among RIT’s tenure-track faculty was 59%, which exceeded that of the total COACHE cohort (50%). RIT’s non-tenure track response rate was 46%, matching the total cohort response rate in that category at the 11 other participating institutions. Results of the survey noted areas of concern related to promotion and tenure policy clarity, post-tenure mentoring, and faculty appreciation and recognition. Survey results are available on the right sidebar.