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Linda Gottermeier

Communication Studies and Services
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

2017 Submissions

Journal Paper

Gottermeier, Linda and Carol DeFilippo. "Patterns of loudness growth in experienced listeners with early-onset severe-profound hearing loss." Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 29. 6 (2018): 457-476 (20). Print. «


Gottermeier, Linda (2016-2017). Exploring automatic speech recognition technologies in an NTID classroom. Grant received/funded by PLIG, RIT. *

Stinson, Michael, et al (2017-2019). MITRE FCC Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Grant received/funded by FCC, FCC. ≠

Gottermeier, Linda and Todd Pagano (2016-2017). Automatic Speech Recognition to Support Spoken Language Communication. Grant received/funded by SPDI, NTID. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda (2017-2018). Mobile Applications to Enhance Communication in Learning and Business Environements. Grant received/funded by Dodge Grant, Dodge. ˜

Uninvited Presentations

Gottermeier, Linda, et al. "Gaining Equal Access to Communication." Spoken Communication Strategies and Techniques. NTID. Rochester, NY. 5 Oct. 2017. Lecture. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda, et al. "Professional Interactions Using Mobile Applicatioins." Imagine RIT. RIT. Rochester, NY. 5 May 2017. Poster Session. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda, et al. "Gaining Equal Access to Communication (Part 2)." ESSP. ESSP. Rochester, NY. 3 Nov. 2017. Lecture. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda and Bonnie Bastian. "Smart Phones to Enhance Student Engagement." Educational Technology Day 2018. Ithaca College. Ithaca, NY. 22 Mar. 2018. Lecture. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda, Charlotte Thoms, and Mark Marschark. "How to Say No." Tenure Track Faculty PD Group. NTID. Rochester, NY. 27 Mar. 2018. Guest Lecture.

Internal Reports/Manuscripts/Articles

Kavin, Denise, et al. "NTID T-Shaped Committee Recommendations and Development of Soft Skills for the NTID Student" [Communication Studies and Services]. Rochester: National Technical Institute for the Deaf, 20 Feb. 2017. Print.

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