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Linda Gottermeier

Communication Studies and Services
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

2019 Submissions


Gottermeier, Linda (2019-2021). Impact of a Contralateral Hearing Aid on Content Acquisition in Students with Early-onset Deafness and Long-term afness and long-term Unilateral Cochlear Implant Useunilateral Cochlear Implant Use. Grant received/funded by SPDI, RIT/NTID. ˜

Stinson, Michael, et al (2017-2021). MITRE FCC Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS). Grant received/funded by FCC, FCC. ≠

Uninvited Presentations

Gottermeier, Linda and Bonnie Bastian. "App smack Down for the College Classroom." Educational Technology Day 2019. Ithaca College. Ithaca, NY. 21 Mar. 2019. Conference Presentation. ˜

Gottermeier, Linda and Bonnie Bastian. "App Smack Down for the NTID Classroom." NTID Scholarship Symposium. NTID. Rochester, NY. 11 Dec. 2018. Conference Presentation. ˜

Bastian, Bonnie, Linda Gottermeier, and James Mallory. "Engaging Students in your Technical Classroom using their Smart Phones." 2019 ASEE. ASEE. Buffalo, NY. 11 Apr. 2019. Conference Presentation. ˜

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