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RIT has a history of creating responsive curricula and delivering a first-rate technical education steeped in a craftsman tradition where hands-on experiences are common methods of teaching and learning. This educational philosophy is consistent with traditional educational techniques practiced in Native American, Alaska Native and First Nation communities that focus on observation, doing and inter-generational mentoring.

Since establishing the Native American Future Stewards Program, RIT has consistently been listed in the Winds of Change college guide among the best colleges in the nation for Native Americans.

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Our ten colleges offer graduate and undergraduate programs in hospitality and service management, business, environmental studies, art and design, engineering, science and mathematics, criminal justice, photography, information technology, game design and development, bioinformatics, and many other innovative areas. For a complete list of possible majors please visit http://www.rit.edu/emcs/admissions/academics/majors.

As part of their bachelor's degree requirements, students must complete an immersion - a concentration of three courses in a particular area. These upper-level courses are used to meet RIT's general education requirements. In many cases, an immersion can lead to a minor with the addition of two courses. However, not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice versa. For a full list of immersions and corresponding minors, please see the immersions and minors page on the general education website.

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Native American Science and Technology Immersion
The Native American science and technology immersion enhances students' understanding of the unique heritages of native North Americans and their relationships with other people in the United States and Canada. Courses emphasize traditional ways of learning, modern and ancient technologies used by contemporary tribes, histories of relations, and Native American and First Nations science. This immersion is closed to students majoring in sociology and anthropology who have chosen the cultural anthropology or the archaeology track.

Students wishing to concentrate in Native American Science and Technology choose any three of the following courses:

  • ANTH-215 - Field Methods in Anthropology
  • ANTH-260 - Native North Americans
  • ANTH-265 - Native Americans in Film
  • ANTH-285 - American Indian Languages
  • ANTH-305 - Investigating Language Change
  • ANTH-375 - Native American Repatriation
  • ANTH-415 - Archaeological Science
  • ANTH-455 - Economics of Native America