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Greater Expectations

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RIT Greater Expectations Team

The RIT Greater Expectations Tiger team consisted of eight faculty, three student affairs staff, and two students. The team was selected by the Provost and VP for Student Affairs using a nomination process and a small committee from academic senate and student affairs. It was important to select individuals who had creative ideas and the ability to implement changes once they returned to campus.

  • Nicole Boulais (Student Affairs) - Co-Project Leader
  • Dick Doolittle (COS/Provost's Office) - Co-Project Leader
  • Stephanie Bauschard (Student Affairs)
  • Lisa Bodenstedt (Student Affairs)
  • Teraisa Chloros (2nd year student, Medical Informatics/Student Government)
  • Mike Eastman (CAST)
  • Eileen Feeney Bushnell (CIAS/Chair, Academic Senate)
  • Joe Geigel (GCCIS)
  • Neil Hair (EPSCOB)
  • Lisa Hermsen (COLA)
  • Christine Kray (COLA)
  • Jacquie Mozrall (KGCOE)
  • David Mullaney (3rd-year student, Information Technology/Student Government)
  • Linda Rubel (NTID)