What is RIT K-12 Academy?

As of 2014, RIT K-12 Academy unites all of RIT's summer programs under one website to support K-12 outreach and make it easier for parents and students to find out what is available! The RIT K-12 Academy website provides descriptive information about RIT's cutting-edge day camps for 1st through 12th grade students where registration is typically open to both boys and girls. There are also some workshops specifically designated for a single-gender, this information is in the description.

Which Summer Programs Are Part Of RIT K-12 Academy?

RIT K-12 Academy links include these offerings: Robocamp, Lil Kids on Campus, CBET Bioscience camp, Women in Computing, RIT Athletics camps and of course, Camp Tiger. All RIT K-12 Academy camps are held on RIT's campus.

How Do I Find RIT K-12 Academy Workshops?

The day camp's description (WORKSHOP tab) includes details about the specific dates offered as well as links to websites where more information can be found regarding individual camp policies, procedures and registration.

Workshops listed as Camp Tiger provide a DETAILS link for policies, procedures and registration only for Camp Tiger workshops.

How does Registration work?

RIT K-12 Academy website lists camps, workshops and experiences that include ROBOCAMP, Lil' Kids on Campus, SMASH Experience for Girls, CBET camps, Pre-college Portfolio Preparation, Imaging Science High School Summer Intern Program, RIT ATHLETICS as well as Camp Tiger. While these camps are marketed as part of the RIT K-12 Academy the camps are each operated independently. With the exception of Camp Tiger all have separate registration websites that take you outside this listing.

Camp Tiger REGISTER button shown with some workshop descriptions are for the Camp Tiger workshops (only). By using this button you can register for the Camp Tiger workshops at this site. All other camps listed and described at this website appear without this button. Those camp descriptions contain web links that go to other websites where you can register and find out more information about the departments they are associated with.

RIT K-12 assumes the right and responsibility for marketing, registration, communication, and management of RIT K-12 Academy and it also operates Camp Tiger.

Why are some camps one week and some camps two-week in duration?

Actually, ROBOCAMP, Lil' Kids on Campus, SMASH Experience for Girls, CBET camps typically all run one week camps. Pre-college Portfolio Preparation runs for two full weeks. Imaging Science High School Summer Intern Program has an application and interview process. The internship itself runs for more than one month. RIT ATHLETICS camps run three days, five days, and some a full week. Consult their descriptions for specifics. These camps are all independently operated; their listings at this website make it easier for viewers to find out all the summer youth programs that RIT has to offer. See the specific description for the duration and actual dates offered.

Camp Tiger workshops run either one week or two weeks in duration. These are not interchangeable; the duration is specific to each workshop. Typically it's the computer coding workshops that are two weeks in duration. Two-weeks allows the computing student to first learn the software and related content during week one. Then week two is used to work on and complete a variety of fun projects and activities.

Many students choose to enroll across different camps. For Camp Tiger workshops, there are two sessions during the month; offerings are repeated so that campers have more than one opportunity to sign up. Please note however, that you cannot attend a two week workshop and a one week workshop at the same time since RIT camps typically run the full day.

How much does the camp cost?

If not already stated in the specific camp or workshop description, follow the web link provided to RIT Athletics, SMASH, ROBOCAMP, CBET or others to register, get pricing and discover other details. These camps are independently operated by different RIT departments.

For Camp Tiger summer program pricing  – see FAQs here: