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Dr. Beth Carle Named Faculty Associate for Assessment

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dr. Beth Carle has been named Faculty Associate for Assessment for the spring 2017 semester. Dr. Carle will work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment (EEA) to explore ways to enhance faculty’s use of RIT’s assessment management system (Taskstream). Beth will conduct research across campus to investigate best practices and determine gaps in the usability of Taskstream at the program level. A key outcome is improved vertical integration and sustainability of continuous improvement processes and practices at the program, college, and institutional levels. Dr. Carle joined RIT in 1996 and is an associate professor in the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MMET) Department in CAST. Her research interests include development of laboratory experiments, characterization and uses of novel materials, and program assessment. Beth serves as an ABET program evaluator and recently led her department through a successful re-accreditation. EEA staff look forward to collaborating with Beth to advance our efforts of improving the faculty experience with RIT’s assessment management system and expanding our practices.