Assessment Grant to Pilot Master Field Test in Criminal Justice

The purpose of the grant was to assess Criminal Justice program students’ mastery of concepts, principles, and knowledge in the discipline.  Data was collected and analyzed using a standardized instrument (the ETS Major Field Test in Criminal Justice) to measure the program level student learning outcome utilize critical thinking skills to apply existing knowledge to social issues surrounding crime and criminal justice policies.

Thirty students took the test in fall 2012 and spring 2013 capstone courses. The results were analyzed to assess overall student performance and identify any gaps in core competencies across a variety of areas.  The benchmark (70% of students earn a score in the 70th percentile) was met as 80% of RIT criminal justice majors scored at or above the 70th percentile. Performance was also compared for all tests at peer institutions (n-101). The total RIT mean score (153.6) was also slightly above the national average (151.2)

The findings were shared with department faculty in fall 2013.  Based on the data analysis, faculty are developing a glossary/description of terms and concepts relating to law as this was one area that was identified for improvement. The program is going to adopt the field test which will be administered bi-annually, and the program will be able to follow-up to see if students improve in this area. For additional information, please contact LaVerne McQuiller Williams at