Exploring the Exploration Program

This grant was used to help faculty determine the effectiveness of the Computing Exploration program in helping students successfully select their programs/majors. The evaluation was centered around four core questions:

Q1.    How confident are students that they have selected the “correct” program?

Q2.    Does the computing exploration program help students to understand the difference between programs?

Q3.    What factors contribute most to student selection of majors?

Q4.    Which student characteristics (skills and preferences) are most predictive of selecting each major?

The program developed multiple surveys that were administered throughout the semester. Data provide insight into the Exploration Program and the extent to which it accomplishes its objective: to enable students to make an informed choice of major.

Overall findings confirm that the basic design of the program seems to be effective and students are satisfied with their choices and with the program’s assistance in making these choices. Program administrators will try to increase the strength of their predictions and develop a tool to suggest or rank “best majors” for each student. Survey instruments and questionnaires will be improved and revised for use with future cohorts.   

Exploring the Exploration Program was presented at the 2014 ANNY Conference.