The Office of EEA is sponsoring two faculty learning communities for those teaching Social and Global Perspective courses:

The Social Perspective learning community will be led by Dr. Colin Mathers from the Department of Philosophy. This learning community will have synchronous, hybrid-modality sessions. Guest speakers will spark discussions on how thinking about assessment, in particular, can improve teaching, in general.  Topics to be explored include what we can learn from the ungrading movement, how to reach and help students who disconnect from our courses, how to build class time off of assessment results, and how to leverage technology for assessing learning.  If you would like to participate in person or online or for questions about the learning community, please contact Colin Mathers at

The Global Perspective learning community will be led by Dr. Stan Van Horn, Director of the English Language Center and instructor in the Sociology/Anthropology Department. Participants in the learning community will discuss and explore how we guide and evaluate student reflection on culture, cultural variation, and cultural discourse in the era of globalization. We will share assignment types, methods, and issues as well examining some frameworks for teaching culture across our inter-related disciplines If you would like to participate contact Stan Van Horn at