Faculty Engagement in Course Improvement through the SLOA Process

The chemistry curriculum was revised to reflect current trends and expectations for professional chemists and to implement best practices among chemical educators. As part of that revision, it was necessary to create a plan for following the impact of those revisions on student learning and career development.

The student learning grant funds were used to work with faculty to modify outcomes and measures for the BS chemistry and BS biochemistry programs with a focus on incorporating appropriate outcomes for the Analytical Chemistry sequence in the School of Chemistry and Materials Science.

Once completed, the faculty team modified outcomes and measures and presented their changes to the SCMS faculty in a fall 2015 faculty meeting, with discussion focused on which outcomes are to be tested 2015.16 AY. Results of the tests will be shared at a spring faculty meeting and the faculty will be asked to provide input. One or two of the Analytical Chemistry assessments for both majors will be used each year for the next five years to ensure that student learning improves as curriculum is modified.

For additional information, please contact Paul A. Craig at pac8612@rit.edu.