General Education Courses

Undergraduate courses from all academic units on campus can be considered for inclusion in the General Education curriculum. In order to be considered, all courses must meet NYSED’s definition of Liberal Arts and Sciences and must address:

  • At a minimum, at least one of RIT’s Communication General Education Student Learning Outcomes
  • At a minimum, at least one of RIT’s Critical Thinking General Education Student Learning Outcomes

In order for courses to gain Perspective status, they must meet the General Education Student Learning Outcomes identified under the perspectives category. Click here for more information about General Education courses, including a listing of approved courses. 

Outcomes Assessment in General Education Courses

Courses approved as General Education are included in RIT’s General Education assessment process. Faculty teaching General Education courses will, at times, be asked to participate in this process. Learn more about the General Education assessment process.

Map General Education Student Learning Outcomes

When designing or revising a General Education course for submission to the General Education Committee, use the following checklist to ensure course alignment.

Checklist for General Education Student Learning Outcomes (GE SLO) Course Mapping


  • Selected GE SLOs map to the course curriculum
    • The curriculum provides adequate coverage of the selected GE SLOs
    • The curriculum consistently covers the selected GE SLOs, even if instructors or campus locations vary

Instruction and Assessment

  • Students receive instruction and the opportunity to practice the selected GE SLOs
  • Students have opportunities to demonstrate achievement of the selected SLOs
    • The course provides at least one formal assessment method for the selected GE SLOs
    • Students receive feedback from the instructor on the achievement of the GE SLOs 
  • The rubric for the selected GE SLOs can be applied to at least one course assignment

Course Documentation

  • The course outline form explains how the course curriculum maps to the intended GE SLOs
  • The course outline form specifically describes the types of assessment methods that will be used to determine achievement of selected GE SLOs


For questions about general education assessment at RIT, contact

Leah Bradley
Leah Bradley, Ed.D., Director