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Construction Safety and Health Specialist Certificate

Construction Safety and Health Specialist Certificate | OSHA


This program gives participants certification of their knowledge and skills in understanding OSHA regulatory standards, and in developing solutions to workplace safety challenges.

Participants in the Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program can customize their program to reflect their own areas of interest through a selection of core required courses and electives. You must attend the 4 required courses and 3 choosen electives to attain this certificate.

In addition to individual course costs, there is a one-time application fee of $25.00.

Course Transfers

Up to two transfer courses may be applied to this certificate program from any of the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers.

The 500 and 501 courses or the associated update courses, 502 or 503, must have been completed within the past four years to be transferrable.

All courses previously completed through the RIT OSHA Training Institute Education Center will be grandfathered.

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